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Phuong Ho (Sept'2021)

My son started in the infant room when he was 4 months old and Mrs. Usha quickly became one of his favorite teachers. Mrs. Usha was very sweet and nurturing to all the children and she was a very respected educator. She made sure that the parents were updated throughout the day with pictures and mealtime progress which was super helpful and really put us at ease. As my son progressed to the toddler room with new teachers, he would still run to Mrs. Usha when he saw her (I witnessed this every time I picked him up while the kids were playing outside) which shows you how great she was to my son. We miss you, Mrs. Usha

Ashley Campbell (Aug'2021)

Mrs. Usha is wonderful! We were so happy with her care of our newborn daughter during her time in the infant room. I immediately felt at ease when I met her and knew that my baby was with a caring and loving individual. Mrs. Usha took the time to get to know us and our daughter and always followed our care instructions. We received many updates and pictures throughout the day which showed the children involved in learning and sensory activities, even as very young babies.

We are so lucky to have Mrs. Usha in our lives and I know she will care for others with the same compassion in her new home childcare.

Corri - Asst. Director Bright Horizons(Aug 16th 2021)

Usha always brings joy and a huge smile to the classroom. She exudes a love for working with children and it is obvious that she really enjoys being around and supporting families. She is energetic and animated and the children love being with her.

Megha (September 9th 2016)

In the 8 years that I have known Usha, she has always come across as a very friendly, enthusiastic and dependable person. I have known her at personal as well as professional level.

Usha has efficiently helped me manage dance camps during summer. During the process she helped me organize the camp. She handles the children ranging from 8 to 12 years with lot of patience and care. Her positive interaction and affection was a very enriching experience for the children. She used her creativity to incorporate fun, interactive, age appropriate projects.

Usha had also been running home day care where she took care of children. I have heard rave reviews of her unique way of handling children and treating them with utmost care and affection. Their safety has always been her first priority. She is able to work with individuals with different personalities.

Meghana (September 6th 2016)

I know Usha for about 15years,ever since she came to USA and moved to be my neighbor. Usha provided day care for my son and daughter. It is always pleasure working with her. Usha is very friendly, helpful, flexible and extremely organized.

Usha not only provides day care services at her home but also provides early childhood developmental activities such as fine motor skills, early literacy skills, behavioral skills, social and emotional skills, language development etc. She displays immense respect to children, kids love to be under her care. I never had any concerns working with Usha. What I found best about Usha is her ability to be flexible and show positive attitude to interact effectively with children of all ages and parents. Several times I have seen her managing difficult children and honing their behaviors with ease. She manages the situation well with kids without losing her cool. I have heard similar feedback from other parents whom she worked with. I will be glad to provide additional feedback or answer any questions you may have.